Business Phones


  • A high-quality, feature rich business phone

  • Ideal for use with any IP PBX (SIP-based)

  • Simple to install, use, and manage

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  • Fully programmable hard and soft keys

  • Optional landline port for telecommuters

  • Built-in voicemail support on landline

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  • Tightest integration with PBX features

  • Superior end-user experience

  • Advanced features are ready to use

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  • Survivability for Remote or Hosted PBX systems

  • Local site survives without link to remote PBX

  • Landlines provide simple 911 solution

  • Multi_painless
  • Multi_survivable
  • Multi_local_access


  • Develop custom applications with SIPSTIM™

  • Auto-provisioning for simple and fast installs

  • Professional labels made easy and fast

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