Business Phones

KONNECT™ Business Phones Models

600 - Standard KONNECT Business Phone

This versatile KONNECT VoIP phone can be used on with any SIP-standard PBX or hosted platform.

600L - Standard KONNECT Business Phone with Landline Port

This model offers additional flexibility with both IP and landline connections. 


600P - Survivable KONNECT Business Phone

The 600P adds the ability for a remote or hosted location to survive the loss of its link to the remote PBX.  In survivable mode the local site will be able to make and recieve calls, route calls through the auto attendant, transfer calls, place calls on hold, and take voicemail messages. 

600PL - Survivable KONNECT Business Phone with Landline Port

The 600PL adds survivability and supports both IP and landline connections.  The phone supports the survivable mode features above and can share its landline connection with other 600P and 600PL phones at the local site.


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