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KONNECT™ Business Phones FAQ

Q:    What are the KONNECT Business Phones ?

A:    The KONNECT Business Phones are high-quality office desk phones that handle Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone calls. They can be deployed on any SIP-compliant IP-PBX or hosted PBX service.

Q:    Which IP-PBX systems do you support ?

A:    The KONNECT Business Phones are optimized to work on IP-PBX systems such as Asterisk, Switchvox, trixbox, PBX In A Flash, Fonality, Elastix and FreeSWITCH. They will also work on any other IP-PBX system that utilizes the SIP protocol.

Q:    Will they work with Hosted PBX services ?

A:    Yes, the KONNECT Business Phones support hosted PBX services that use the industry-standard SIP protocol.

Q:    What models of KONNECT Business Phones are offered ?

A:    There are 4 models of KONNECT Business Phones offered:

  • Model 600                   Standard KONNECT Business Phone
  • Model 600L                 Standard KONNECT Business Phone with Landline port
  • Model 600P                Survivable KONNECT Business Phone
  • Model 600PL              Survivable KONNECT Business Phone with Landline port

Q:    What can I do with the Landline port ?

A:    On the 600L and 600PL models, you can plug a standard phone line into the Landline port. In the industry this is referred to as a POTS line or a FXO port. This allows your KONNECT phone to handle not only VoIP calls, but also seamlessly handle landline calls in the same device. The KONNECT phone also provides built-in voicemail and auto-attendant functionality on that landline.

For the remote teleworker, they can now manage their home and business phone calls proficiently on the same device. Home voicemails can be delivered to the user on the set and/or via email, and office voicemails can be handled by the corporate PBX system.

For the small remote office that is connected to a remote PBX, but that would still like to work with one or more local landlines, the KONNECT 600L and 600PL models provide seamless user access to those local landlines.

When complete power is lost to the KONNECT 600L and 600PL models, the landline ports will continue to operate. This provides the highest level of emergency failure operation, allowing subsequent calls to and from the landlines to continue to function.

Q:    What are Survivable KONNECT Business Phones ?

A:    When regular VoIP phones are deployed at a site that is remote to an IP-PBX or Hosted PBX service, if that site ever loses communication with the remote PBX, then that local site suffers a total loss of voice communications. This presents a serious operational concern, for the local site cannot even make a call to another phone at the same location, or make a call out of a local landline.

Survivable KONNECT Business Phones 600P/600PL are designed to address the above failure situation. When communication is lost to the remote PBX, the Survivable KONNECT Business Phones seamlessly continue to operate at the local site. Users can continue to make calls to each other at the local site, and access local landlines.

Q:    Do you support configuration auto-provisioning for the KONNECT Business Phones ?

A:    Yes, we have sophisticated Auto-Provisioning toolsets that enable PBX administrators to automate the generation of configuration data for the KONNECT Business Phones. The Auto-Provisioning toolsets support multiple templates, allowing the administrator better flexibility to support their most complex configuration needs.


Q:    How flexible are the key assignments for the feature and soft keys on the KONNECT Business Phones ?

A:    The KONNECT Business Phones have 14 fixed Feature Keys, alongside a tri-color LED indicator. In addition, there are 4 context-sensitive Soft keys around the screen area. You have complete control over the assignment of these Feature and Soft keys. For the Soft keys, one can define up to 20 Soft keys, consisting of up to five virtual screens of 4 Soft keys each. This allows the PBX administrator the ability to optimize the operation of the KONNECT Business Phone to suit their business needs. The best mechanism for customizing the operation of these keys is via the KONNECT Auto-Provisioning toolsets.

Q:    Can the KONNECT Business Phones be tightly integrated with the feature sets of the PBX ?

A:    Yes, the KONNECT Business Phones support an advanced mechanism called SIPSTIM to allow unprecedented feature integration with your PBX system. This tight integration provides for a much more intuitive end user experience, improving training time and increased satisfaction for end users.

SIPSTIM applications run on your PBX, and provides the integrated functionality between your PBX and the KONNECT Business phone. You can take advantage of the various integrations we have already provided for the KONNECT Business Phones. For Asterisk-based PBX systems, these include:

Visual Voicemail, Call Park, Call Pickup, Call Forward, Do Not Disturb, Central Address Book, One-Touch Call Record, Call Record Review, Conference Management(*), Day/Night Mode(*), Queue Management(*)

 (*) Future

If you are an advanced developer, you are free to develop your own custom SIPSTIM applications to suit your own unique needs.


Q:    Is SIPSTIM similar to the XML Browsers found on other VoIP phones ?

A:    SIPSTIM is similar in that it uses XML message formats. The development environment for SIPSTIM is also similar to XML Browsers, typically implemented using common PHP scripting applications on the PBX server.

The major difference is that SIPSTIM is implemented completely using the SIP protocol, whereas XML Browsers use the HTTP protocol. SIPSTIM provides various advantages over XML browsers. These advantages include:

  • Enables tighter and smoother implementations of integrated applications with the KONNECT Business Phone
  • Ability for application to better control audio operations within the same integrated application
  • Full application control over LCD screen, all phone buttons and LED indicators
  • More efficient, since SIPSTIM leverages uses of phone’s existing SIP protocol, rather than requiring additional usage of the HTTP protocol
  • Reduces processing load on PBX to support these integrated applications
  • Seamless support for KONNECT Business Phones that are remote to the PBX, and behind firewalls


Q:    Do KONNECT Business Phones support Intercom functionality ?

A:    This is a functionality supported by your PBX, but the KONNECT Business Phones make it very easy to use Intercom functionality. You can configure any of the Feature keys to be an Intercom key. If you hold this key down for 2 seconds, it will initiate a page to your default page group defined in your PBX. Conversely, you can dial a PBX extension, and hold down this Intercom key for 2 seconds, and an intercom page will be initiated to that individual extension. Similarly, if you have defined a Feature key to be an Extension Speed Dial key, you simply press this Extension Speed Dial key for 2 seconds to initiate an intercom page to that extension.

Q:    Do KONNECT Business Phones support shared line appearance (SLA) ?

A:    This is a functionality supported by your PBX. KONNECT Business Phones support SLA functionality in Asterisk-based PBX systems in an optimized manner. Please see our supporting documentation for more detailed information.

Q:    What kind of headsets can I use with the KONNECT Business Phones ?

A:    KONNECT works with most standard amplified wired or wireless headsets manufactured by Plantronics, Sennheiser, GN Netcom, Addcom, etc. which can be connected through the modular RJ-9 connector on the rear of the phone.


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