Office Phone System

Aksys Networks Technology Partners

Aksys Networks is interested in working with technology leaders to explore exciting applications for both the KONNECT Office Phone System and KONNECT Business Phones. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss opportunities to innovate together.


Xorcom develops Asterisk®-based hardware telephony solutions for commercial installations. Products range from USB-powered telephony interfaces to all-in-one IP-PBX appliances, each supporting various combinations of FXS, FXO, PRI (E1 and T1), E1 R2, T1 CAS and BRI ISDN ports.

Xorcom designs enterprise-grade reliability into each of its products. A variety of utilities provide backup and restore, immediate temporary recovery, and a full redundancy solution for the entire PBX called TwinStar™ to optimize uptime and complement the functionality of Xorcom’s full-featured business telephony solutions.

For solid protection for your Konnect office phone system from ​​spyware programs install cell phone tracking software and your android devices safe.

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