KONNECT Office Phone System Features

 Voicemail  3-way conference calling  Blind & attended call transfers  Public address
 Auto Attendant  Paging to one or all phones  Call hold & Call Redial  Shared Line Appearance
 Remote Extensions  Voicemail sent to email  Group extensions (Ring groups)  On-hook and off-hook dialing
 3-digit dial between sites  Selectable ring tones  Caller-ID support  Call log with call return
 Configuration Wizard  Line appearance  Up to 14 concurrent calls/phone  Local time zone display

Available KONNECT Office Phone System Models:

KONNECT is currently available in two models:

KONNECT 600PL VoIP and landline phone

This model offers all the flexibility and features of the KONNECT phone system with both IP and landline connections.  The KONNECT 600PL is able to share access to the landline it is connected to with all other KONNECT phones in your system (including phones at other locations).  You will need one 600PL for every landline you want to use on your KONNECT phone system.

KONNECT 600P IP phone

This model provides all of the features of the KONNECT phone system with the exception of the landline (FXO) connector.  Choose this model for any phones you need above the total number of land lines you want to connect to your system.


Aksys Networks also offers the KONNECT Business Phones for larger deployments using an IP-PBX or Hosted solution.