User Guide

  • UG-0000-00-00    KONNECT Office Phone System User Guide



Data Sheets

  • DS-0000-00-00    KONNECT Office Phone System Specifications
  • DS-0001-00-00    KONNECT Office Phone System Benefits



Application Notes

  • AN-0000-00-00    Installation Checklist
  • AN-0001-00-00    Software Upgrade
  • AN-0002-00-00    Auto Attendant Functionality
  • AN-0003-00-00    Incoming Phone Line Call Handling
  • AN-0004-00-00    Voicemail
  • AN-0005-00-02    Demo Kit Configuration
    • AN-0005-00-02     Extension Numbering Worksheet
  • AN-0006-00-00    Music on Hold


Additional materials are made available to KONNECT Customers and Partners via the KONNECT Office Portal.