Q:    What is the KONNECT Office Phone System ?

A:    The KONNECT Office Phone System is a complete office phone system that is ideal for small offices.  The solution does not need a PBX, server, or hosted service to function and offers a full range of business features including voicemail and an auto attendant that acts as your virtual receptionist.

Q:    Can the KONNECT Office Phone System connect my other offices and/or my home office ?

A:    Yes – the KONNECT Office Phone System can link together multiple locations and offices without any additional equipment or hassle.  You will establish the connection between the phones at different sites as you go through the configuration process.  All sites will need to have high-speed Internet access available on the Local Area Network (LAN).

Q:    Does KONNECT Office Phone System provide Shared Line Appearances (SLA) ?

A:    Yes, the KONNECT Office Phone System supports SLA. The KONNECT phone allows you to share access to your phone lines with all the phones on the system. Each line can be assigned to one of the programmable feature keys on the phones and the LED will show users if the line is available, in use, ringing, or on hold.   If one user puts an incoming call on hold on line 1 for example, another user can then pick-up that held call from any other KONNECT phone.

Q:    How does the KONNECT Office Phone System save my office money ?

A:    There are several areas where the system can save your office money:

  • There is no PBX, server, or hosted service for you to pay for – only the phones.  If you grow and need more phones all you need to buy are more phones.   There are no servers, extra line cards, or expansion kits required.  This means every dollar you spend goes towards a high-quality phone on your desk.
  • KONNECT phones support the use of VoIP services that can provide significant reductions in your long distance calling costs.  Each KONNECT phone comes pre-provisioned with a VoIP calling account.
  • If you have multiple locations you will now be able to call between KONNECT phones at those locations for free.
Q:     How many users can the KONNECT Office Phone System support ?A:    The KONNECT Office Phone System can support up to 30 users, in what is called a workgroup. Your workgroup can consist of KONNECT phones that are local to you or are in remote locations. There are two alternatives to support deployments of more than 30 phones:
1.     KONNECT phones can be set up to run in multiple workgroups as well.   For example a retail chain could have each store running independently with a unique workgroup. The different locations in the chain can call each other for free using the unique “KONNECT ID” provided for each KONNECT phone.   In this manner the KONNECT Office Phone System can support a much larger amount of end users deployed across a number of sites.
2.     The KONNECT Office Phone System can be used on any SIP-based or Asterisk-based PBX solution. This product is called KONNECT Business Phones and is simple to install, use, and manage.

Q:    Can I install the KONNECT Office Phone System myself?

A:    Yes, and many of our customers do.  The KONNECT Office Phone System installation is designed to be simple enough that customers can do it themselves.

Q:    What do I need to have to be able to use the KONNECT Office Phone System ?

A:    You need at least one working landline with an active number to use the KONNECT Office Phone System.  If you want to make use of a VoIP service for long distance calls then you will also need a high-speed Internet service at your office.  Aside from the phones themselves you do not need any new hardware or software.  You will also need an Ethernet LAN connection at each location where you want to place a phone.

Q:    Can I keep my current phone lines and numbers ?

A:    Yes, the KONNECT Office Phone System can work with your existing business landlines and phone numbers. You do not need to purchase any additional services to use the KONNECT Office Phone System.

Q:    What is the difference between extensions and lines ?

A:    Lines are the connections to the telephone network supplied to you by your telephone company. Extensions are the telephones attached to telephone lines. The KONNECT Office Phone System allows two or more extensions to share one or more lines and can also allow you to share lines at different locations to reduce long distance calling costs.

Q:    What happens if all the phone lines are in use ?

A:    As with any phone system, you can only make or receive as many simultaneous phone calls as you have phone lines. If all your lines are in use, incoming callers will receive a busy signal, and further extensions will be unable to make external calls.

Q:    Will IP phones slow my computer network down ?

A:    No. IP phones use minimal bandwidth on the internal network and generally run at speeds of 80 to 100 kbps.

Q:    Will my phone still work if my Internet connection goes down ? 

A:    The KONNECT Office Phone System is designed to be robust and survivable.  If you have one or more landlines (regular analog phone line or PSTN line) plugged into your KONNECT phones then you will still be able to make and receive calls over these lines if your Internet connection (or power) goes down.

Q:    Can I add other peripherals or devices to my KONNECT Office Phone System ?

A:    Yes – you can add other SIP devices to the KONNECT Office Phone System.   Devices like SIP phones or SIP overhead paging systems can be added as extensions on the system through the KONNECT web configuration pages.

Q:    What kind of headsets can I use with the KONNECT Office Phone System ?

A:    KONNECT works with most standard amplified wired or wireless headsets manufactured by Plantronics, Sennheiser, GN Netcom, Addcom, etc. which can be connected through the modular connector on the rear of the phone.