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Satellite Offices Using KONNECT Business Phones Can Now Survive the Loss of Their Connection to a Remote or Hosted IP-PBX

With survivable operation, employees at a satellite office using KONNECT Business Phones can continue to call each other and share access to local landlines for inbound and outbound calling.

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) March 22, 2010 -- Aksys Networks today announced the launch of the survivable-mode option for its line of KONNECT Business Phones.   This new feature offers simple and unprecedented reliability for remote satellite offices that depend on a network link to their centralized phone system (PBX).
Many organizations operate with staff at multiple locations and have their phone systems linked to a central server, PBX, or hosted service. For any of these satellite offices, the loss of the connection to that remote PBX leaves the satellite office without any internal phone communications.   Without the ability to make or receive calls, office productivity is dramatically impacted and may present a safety concern.
Today these offices have very few options to reduce the risk of a system outage:
1) Do nothing and accept the risk and cost of an outage;
2) Invest significant time and money to put redundant equipment and network connections in place to offer outage survivability.
Using KONNECT Business Phones, the risk of such an outage is eliminated without any investment in complex and costly fail-over mechanisms. There is no need for additional equipment because the phones themselves have all the intelligence needed to handle the fail-over. In addition, the phones offer an integrated landline port and the ability to share access to available local lines with the other KONNECT Business Phones at the site. The result is the simplest and most cost effective way to give satellite offices robust survivable operation. Once the connection is restored the phones will resume normal operation through the remote PBX.
For hosted PBX solution providers, the survivable capability of the KONNECT Business Phones removes the single point of failure on the network and easily overcomes the top customer objection to these services.


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