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Server-less KONNECT Office Phone System Now Offers Integrated Music on Hold

The most flexible and cost effective business phone system for small offices now has Music on Hold built into the product at no additional cost.

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) June 24, 2010   Aksys Networks announced today that the KONNECT Office Phone System now offers integrated Music on Hold.   Music on Hold joins the long list of professional business features offered by the server-less KONNECT Office Phone System. The solution is unique in that it offers the features of a $10,000 PBX or server in a $300 phone – customers do not buy a server, PBX or hosted service, only KONNECT phones. KONNECT has been designed specifically to offer small offices the simplest and most flexible phone system available today.
Music on Hold, or the ability to play customized greetings or messages to callers when they are placed on hold, is a popular and powerful feature on many small office phone systems. The KONNECT Office Phone System now allows users to quickly upload a recording to the phone through the web configuration pages to activate Music on Hold.
“Our customers see the KONNECT Office Phone System as the next generation of Key Telephone System (KTS) or KSU-less phone systems. As the owners of those small offices look for a new solution, they find that the KONNECT Office Phone System is the best fit available.” said Mike Tourigny, Chief Marketing Officer of Aksys Networks. “The phones work just like their old key system so there is no learning curve or training needed, and it allows them to take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services as much or as little as they want.   Beyond this extensive list of phone system features, KONNECT adds effortless multi-site operation to the list. KONNECT customers can simply set up phones at multiple sites and have them operate together as though they were all in the same place.”
With the addition of Music on Hold at no additional cost, the KONNECT Office Phone System delivers a key system experience plus these capabilities:
  • Simplicity – the platform is incredibly easy to setup and manage;
  • Flexibility – it can grow one phone at a time and operate in one or more locations;
  • Cost – with no PBX or server to buy, offices save money and invest only in phones; and
  • Quality – customers can use VoIP or landlines to balance recurring costs and call quality.
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Aksys Networks offers two business communications product platforms. The KONNECT Office Phone System is a server-less solution with plug-and-play simplicity and business quality features. KONNECT Business Phones provide the same ease-of-use plus the tightest handset integration for SIP-based PBX deployments. 
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