KONNECT Phones for Asterisk
Aksys has is announcing our new KONNECT Phones for Asterisk at ITEXPO in Miami this week.  This new line of SIP handsets offers the tightest integration with Asterisk available on the market: 

  • Superb Shared Line Appearance (SLA) and Busy Lamp Field (BLF).  KONNECT is the only phone to cleanly deliver true Shared Line Appearance!
  • Visual Voicemail and Network Address Book – intuitive and simple interfaces will impress your customers.
  • Our Call Recording implementation keeps the intuitive UI of Visual Voicemail for ease of use.
  • Better alternatives for the survivability of remote sites or hosted VoIP services using the optional FXO port on the KONNECT phone.

KONNECT Phones for Asterisk provide a ground-breaking ability for developers to deploy enhanced applications using our new SIPSTIM protocol.  Developers can leverage demo applications for visual voicemail, call forwarding, call parking and call recording or use SIPSTIM to take full control over the KONNECT phone.  Check out the full press release here or contact us for more information on this new product line.

The team at SMB Nation and Telephonation got their hands on a KONNECT demo kit and gave it a whirl.  Harry Brelsford, Chris Bangs, and crew are giving the phones a complete workout and testing our claims for ease-of-use, multi-site operation, and how simple the system is to learn and configure.  Here is what they had to say:

“Our VoIP department ordered 3 of these phones to test. What we discovered was the easiest office phone system setup that we have yet to experience.  We were making calls in 15 minutes and had a full feature setup completed in under an hour.”

We love to get this kind of validation of the KONNECT system from industry experts like Harry and Chris who have seen a lot of different solutions in this market.  Check out the full SMB Nation Newsletter here to get the whole story.  If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at our out-of-box video it will show you exactly what they are talking about – the phones can be configured in just minutes through our simple interface.

Reseller Corner
VoIP2320 of Colorado, founded in 2006, has developed a powerful hosted VoIP platform based on Asterisk and has now selected the KONNECT Phones as their endpoint for all deployments.  Aaron Brown, the President of VOIP2320 had been looking for a solution to make available to their +1,500 customers that would seamlessly tie into their existing hosted platform with no success. After joining the KONNECT Reseller Program he said:

“The server-less KONNECT Office Phone System has enabled us to go after the smaller businesses that can scale into our hosted services as they grow and require more demanding installations. One phone covers it all for us!”

VOIP2320 recently deployed a customer running a call center application. They were able to easily integrate a login and logout key on the KONNECT phone so agents can join or exit the hosted ACD queue with a single key press.  VOIP2320 is able to cleanly present the full suite of services and features from their hosted platform to their client base through the KONNECT phone. Features offered include call recording, multiple or advanced auto attendants, call queing and call center functionality, CTI, and very large scale conference calls.

To learn more about KONNECT and enjoy the success VOIP2320 is seeing as member of the KONNECT Reseller Program click here.

  Customer Spotlight  
  TML Consulting has been running their KONNECT solution for two months now.  They love how easy it is to use and manage.  They are running a two line rotary plus three other lines for executives which are monitored by a single receptionist.

One executive is most excited about how easily the system supports multi-site operation.  He can’t say enough about the KONNECT phone he has at his villa in Mexico which allows him to stay as connected to the office as he chooses to be.